Spa Provence Hotel

The ideal accommodation to combine relaxation with well-being

The Bastide de Tourtour welcomes you for romantic weekends and holidays with family and friends all year round, in the heart of Provence. From the moment you arrive, feel the gentle way of life that is so characteristic of the south of France, and let the song of the cicadas lull you to sleep. The relaxing tone of your stay is set. Step inside and you'll discover a peaceful setting with an instant charm. Could it be the character of the stone building, its splendid wooded grounds or the breathtaking views of the Maures massif that give it such beauty? It's probably all of the above, not forgetting the warm decor and cosy atmosphere that reigns at our spa hotel in Provence.

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View of the Bastide of Tourtour at sunset
Incoming light on the glass roof of the Bastide de Tourtour with its outdoor jacuzzi - hotel in the Var department

The spa area and its luxurious facilities

The spa area of the Bastide de Tourtour contributes to the success of your stay, between moments of pure relaxation, massages and relaxing treatments. Discover our range of personalised services and book your own exceptional moment in a cabin, alone or as a couple. Our therapists dedicate their expertise to your well-being and beauty, with marvellous rituals in partnership with the SOTHYS brand. As the hours pass in this cocoon of serenity, the feeling of letting go intensifies, stretching time to the point where you lose all sense of it. Our spa hotel en Provence is home to a veritable bubble of lightness, where you can enjoy top-of-the-range facilities. Alternate hammam and sauna sessions with soaks in the jacuzzi and indoor pool. The more sporty can swim against the current and use the fitness room. Outside, the Nordic bath offers a unique experience and a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Invigorated, you can set off on your own. discovering the surrounding area.


The dream setting of your spa hotel in Provence

Romantic getaway or professional eventWhatever the occasion, the art of Provençal living sets the pace for your stay in the Var. After a restful night in the comfort of one of the 23 rooms and a hearty breakfast, you're rested and ready to explore the region. But there's no hurry - the tranquillity of our spa hotel in Provence, its relaxed atmosphere and the smiles of our friendly team will keep you there a little longer. The charm of our family home attracts lovers of peace and nature. Surrounded by greenery, you can wander through the ancient streets of Tourtour, a picturesque hamlet perched on a hilltop.

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View of a corner of the park at the Bastide de Tourtour
Elevated view of the outdoor swimming pool at Bastide de Tourtour

Relaxation par excellence in the heart of the Var

There's no shortage of heritage treasures in the surrounding area. Punctuate your days with cultural visits and nature walks, between picturesque villages and vineyards. The many well-preserved châteaux in the region, such as those at Taurenne, Rasque and Thuerry, take you on a journey through time, following in the footsteps of our ancestors. A few days' holiday in Provence is also a great way to discover the beauty of the Var countryside, with its many different landscapes. Verdon gorges to the Maures massif. Panoramic views to marvel at for young and old alike as you hike, cycle or horse ride, creating magical memories. Back at our spa hotel in Provence, enjoy a delicious Mediterranean-style meal on the terrace of the restaurant l'Orangeraie with exceptional views.

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